Monday, June 29, 2009

How to save your marriage

Marriages are difficult. Even the best of relationships can reach a place that requires a little bit of TLC. You should remember that there are many different reasons that your relationship might need mending, so the way to repairing the relationship may be unique to those circumstances. But following is a list of five simple steps that you can take to start mending your broken marriage today.

Acknowledgement. This means that you and your spouse sit down and have an honest conversation admitting that there is a problem with the marriage and it is time to fix it. Next, be truthful towards each other and the both of you have to sincerely want to solve the problem.
Many marriages end mainly because only one person wants to repair it.

The Blaming Game. Stop blaming one another. Mending your marriage isn't about "winning". Many married couples always insists that it is his fault, why can't he just listen to me, She doesn't understand me at all. In marriage, it takes 2 hands to clap and always bear in mind that it isn't about who did things right and who did them wrong. Mistakes were made, sit down and discuss on the matter clearly and amicably.

List. Start listing down what you want changed in your spouse. List down your likes and dislikes of your spouse. Figure out what needs to be different before the both of you can have a happy marriage again.

Research- Constantly look for ways to save your marriage. Seek materials which can help you in your marriage. If need be, go to a marriage counselor for advise. Else, get good reading materials that helps you in your marriage

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